Rae Rocca

Rae Rocca Exotic Cigar Smoking Girl

Rae - Lounging Cigar Smoking
Rae is a voluptuously-shaped brunette offering the sexy girl-next-door look to your cigar-smoking fantasy. Her cute, but sexy appeal is only topped by her amazing cigar inhales complimented by some outrageous cone exhales!

Features wafting, inhaled cigar smoking, cone exhales.
Clip Info: WMV format in 720x480, 74 Mb, duration 9:24

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Rae Cigarette Smoking Fetish

Rae - Cigarette Smoking Scene
Rae is an auburn-haired beauty with a buxom figure and stellar smoking style. Rae inhales with fervor (both cigarettes and cigars, by the way, but just cigarettes in this clip) as you'll see with her thick, cloudy exhales. Just imagine standing in that stream of smoke!

Features cork-filtered kings, huge cone exhales, deep inhales.
Clip Info: WMV format in 720x480, 63 Mb, duration 5:02

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Rae Rocca Cigarette Smoking Fetish Model

Rae Rocca - Cigarette Smoking
This clip features the exotic looking, Rae Rocca, in a skit as Giselle, the smoking hot girlfriend of Chip! Chip and Giselle don't see eye to eye on a few things, especially "Gis's" smoking. Giselle really takes it to Chip as she smokes with fury.

Features cork-filtered cigarettes, extreme inhales, cone exhales, and talking exhales.
Clip Info: WMV format in 720x480, 64 Mb, duration 7:33

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Cigar Smoking Fetish Rae Cowboy

Rae Rocca - Cigar Smoking Sheriff
Donned in a tight-fitting, low-cut black vest, Rae Rocca, performs cigar smoking fetish magic in her country sheriff costume. Rae is one of the most fiendish cigar smokers we've ever seen billowing up the smoke in true sheriff fashion.

Features standard size cigars, true extreme inhales, cone exhales, and a sexy brunette.
Clip Info: WMV format in 640x480, 35 Mb, duration 7:44

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