Fayth on Fire Cigar Smoking Fetish

Fayth - Cigar Smoking Q&A
Fayth is a spunky, sexy, fun-loving girl who loves filter-tip cigars! Fayth not only enjoys producing clouds of smoke, but is also a damsel in distress fetishist. Find out about Fayth in this cigar Q&A!

Features wafting, traditional cigar smoking, mild inhales.
Clip Info: WMV format in 720x480, 132 Mb, duration 14:01

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Three Girls Smoking Fetish

Smoking Trio - Cigarette Smoking
Triple the smoking, triple the girls, triple the fun! Featuring Asa, Kitty, and Fayth in a sexy smoking trio. Lots of interaction between the girls including the uber-sultry smoke swapping from some lovely girls!

Features smoke swapping, large exhales, wafting, light ups, french inhales, smoke rings, and more.
Clip Info: WMV format in 720x480, 190 Mb, duration 14:24

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