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Top Three Best Selling Clips

Sabina Leigh Smoking Therapist
Sabina Leigh
Smoking Therapist
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Betka Schpitz and Asa Maid Smoking Lesson
Betka Schpitz & Asa

Maid Smoking Lesson
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Frankie & Nikki Bikini Smoking Pals
Frankie & Nikki

Bikini Smoking Pals
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Sabina Leigh Smoking Fetish Sabina Leigh
Blonde, beautiful, buxom SCORE model with a healthy habit for American Spirit cigarettes...(more)
Frankie Smoking Fetish Bikini Cigar Frankie
Very buxom, sexy, blonde fetish model who takes on a smoking challenge with sultry vigor...(more)
Mistress Betka Schpitz Smoking Fetish Betka Schpitz
Dominant, direct, sultry, seductive, and pure smoking fetish heaven. Watch her with her smoking pets...(more)
Melissa Jacobs Penthouse Pet Smoking Fetish Girl Melissa Jacobs
Penthouse Pet, cover model, and sultry, sexy, smoking babe. Smoking never looked so hot...(more)
Marina Romanova Cigar Smoking Fetish Model Marina Romanova
First time cigar smoker, Marina, defines seductive smoking...(more)


London Andrews Smoking Cigar Fetish
London Andrews
Volumes of cigar smoke and a voluptuous bosom, London Andrews is the queen of sultry cigar smoking...(more)
London Andrews Smoking Two Cigarettes
London Andrews smoking two cigarettes
London Andrews Smoking Fetish Nostril Exhale
London Andrews nostril exhale

Giselle Smoking Fetish Corset
Slender, sleek, and sexy blonde Giselle is heavenly smoking menthol Virgina Slim 120s...(more)

Rae Rocca Smoking Fetish Girl
Rae Rocca

Sultry, exotic, and full of sex appeal, Rae is an incredible smoker with deep inhales and large exhales...(more)
Layla Taylor Penthouse Pet Playboy Smoking Fetish Girl
Layla Taylor

Playboy and Penthouse model, Layla Taylor, is one beautiful, tall, angelic smoker of Parliment Lights...(more)
Nikki Smoking Fetish Model

Nikki is lovely to watch with a unique exhale style. She says she can only do nostril exhales. No bull...(more)
Asa Smoking Fetish Latina Girl

One of the most popular smoking models, Latina beauty, Asa, screams of sex appeal-great legs too...(more)
Astrid Smoking Model Fetish

Smoking fetish defined, petite & busty Astrid is one of the most powerful smokers on the block...(more)
Shelby Lee Cigar Smoking Fetish Girl
Shelby Lee

Tiny little auburn-haired Shelby looks quiet, but she can blaze up a cigar like a pro...(more)
Nicole Smoking Fetish Model

Professional fashion models smoke A LOT & Nicole proves her smoking prowess over & over...(more)
Tiffany Smoking Fetish Female

Super hot smoking blonde! The only thing bigger than her exhales are those bustin'-out boobs...(more)
Leah Cigar Smoking Fetish Girl

Ah we go again. Power cigar smoker with wonderful wafting exhales from true inhales...(more)
Carey Smoking Model Fetish

Dubbed "killer Carey" for her huge exhales, this Egyptian beauty smokes Camels like no other...(more)
Emma Smoking Fetish Woman

Hot little blonde number with a killer look, Emma, is a regular smoker and a regular little hottie...(more)
Amanda Smoking Fetish Picture

Cool, calm, calculating is Amanda's m.o. and she really gives you a taste of it with her smoking...(more)
Tara Asian Smoking Girl

Asian beauty, Tara, is such a cute, sweet little smoker - and you should see her in a bikini!...(more)
Morgan African American Smoking Fetish Girl

Morgan, a gorgeous young African-American beauty, has nice smoking exhales & stunning eyes...(more)
Suzi Smoking Fetish Clips

Sexy Suzi should be her name. This girl's smoking is as sexy as the rest of her - so hot!...(more)
Monique Smoking Fetish Clips

Girl's got game! Monique brings it to the smoking fetish best with stunning smoking techniques ...(more)
Lorie Smoking Fetish Women

Whoa! What a view. Lorie is one of the most agressive cigar smokers ever seen, really...(more)
Cat Smoking Fetish Video Clips

Doe-eyed brunette, Cat, smokes almost anything with style-cigarettes, cigars, & hookahs...(more)
Amanda Lyn Busty Smoking Fetish Girl
Amanda Lyn

Full lips, full bust, and even fuller cigar smoke. Amanda Lyn is a true traditional cigar smoker...(more)
Jess Busty Smoking Video

The quiet ones; wild child on the inside. Jess is a busty red head who just keeps on smokin'...(more)
Benet Asian Smoking Female

All the attitude in a 4'11" frame, Asian cutie, Benet, is quite a fantastic Black & Mild's smoking girl...(more)
Ariana Smoking Glamour

Sweet, sexy, and super smart, Ariana, dazzles with her IQ and smoking abilities...(more)
Victoria Smoking Fetish

Girl-next-door cutie, Victoria, melts your heart with her big smile and coyly smokes in leisure...(more)
Fayth on Fire Smoking Fetish

Holy smoke seems very appropriate when speaking of Fayth's smoking fetish appeal...(more)
Janice Cigar Smoking Fetish

First time cigar smoker, long time looker, Janice, really blows away other cigar smoking models...(more)
Sarafine Smoking Fetish Female

Wild child, Sarafine, is a great smoker and has no problem playin' and shakin' it for the camera...(more)
Sage Taylor Smoking Fetish Picture
Sage Taylor

Sage Taylor is no stranger to fetish performances and takes on smoking menthols with vigor& style...(more)
Raven Fetish Smoking Video

Brunette, busty, and blowin' smoke! Raven is a sexy model with a healthy smoking habit...(more)
Porsche SMoking Fetish

Rev it up for tomboy, Porsche, as she tackles those nice-sized cigars with furvor and fury...(more)
MJ Smoking Fetish Asian Girl

Asian beauty, MJ, strikes it up with both cigars and cigarettes. Petite girl, big smoking fetish...(more)
Christina - Robyn Banx Smoking Maid Fetish

Sultry, exotic, and tall with great legs, Christina, is the complete fetish package all in one...(more)
Lyndsey Sexy Smoking Model

She's bringin' sexy back...with Camel filterless, no less. This blonde hottie can really smoke...(more)
Missy Goth Dom Smoking Fetish

Appropriately, fetish model, Missy, is also a Mistress-in-training. She sure can dominate a cigarette...(more)
Cassie Beginner Smoking Fetish

Shy, quiet, and beautiful, Cassie, will appeal to the smoking fetishists who love the beginner smokers...(more)
Becca Smoking Fetish Woman

She's so refined and demure smoke lovers will just melt with her beauty and regular smoking-habit style...(more)

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